June 28th, 2006


the blogosphere is the friend of information but the enemy of thought

A good essay, in Christianity Today of all places, on why blogs tend toward superficial conversations. His main argument (aside from bitching about the flamers &c) is that conversation in comment sections moves on too fast for there to be any real give and take - unless you're obsessively checking for updates, it will be 50 comments later by the time you can look at responses to what you've said, and by then the blog has likely moved on to another subject.
I don't fully buy the argument, which doesn't take into account the second level of conversation going on in most blogs, where the comment-section back-and-forth is taken into account & responded to in subequent front-page posts. It also misses some of the longer-winded bloggers (like Timothy Burke) or some of the more comment-conversation-oriented blogs, like unfogged or making light, where a lot of good stuff happens in comments.
But I do find myself reading a lot less long-form stuff these days.