Tom Scudder (tomscud) wrote,
Tom Scudder

Daimon Kringle, Son of Santa

this thread is pure win, speculating on what kinds of powers a superhero by the above name would have.

My fave is the exchange between me and xiphias in comments:
Anyway, so we now know that Santa Claus is a grim-and-gritty noir hero. He works only by darkness, in the darkest, coldest nights of the year -- stepping out from a frozen fortress at the North Pole, as cold and merciless as his own inflexible code.


The Son of Santa, of course, thinks his dad hasn't gone far enough - it's not enough to reward the nice; the naughty must be PUNISHED.


. . . which, in fact, is more in line with the older legends. So it's actually that the Son of Santa believes that his father has lost the plot and that it's time to go BACK to a time when children lived in FEAR of the darkness -- and where you'd really BETTER not laugh and better not cry.
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